My Gen-Z Sisters Wishlist

My sister is an early-twenties Gen-Z girl. If youre shopping for someone on your list, maybe my sisters ideas will help you out! Let’s Unwrap It:

apple watch band – $50

Clinique moisture surge 100H – $27

Clinique super defense broad spectrum moisturizer– $64

original beauty blender – $20

Wing feather series by Andrew Peterson – $41

Teeth whitening kit (i.e. snow)– $150

Car thing from Spotify – $30

Birkenstock clogs- $140

Plaid shacket – $40

The ballad of never after – $15

Sweater- $50

OV exercise dress– $100

Jessakae dress – $188

“To know what I should do for the rest of my life”- Priceless


My Gen-Z Sisters Wishlist