Gifts for Millennials

Ill be honest- i consider myself a zillenial. 1996 babies where are you at? So, I’ve taken the liberty of deciding that means i can speak for both Gen-Z and Millennials. Im mostly kidding, but a lot of my friends and coworkers ARE millennials. Ive asked them what gifts they want this year, and these are the ones that stuck out.

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Face massager– $18

Theragun– $34

Cozy Waffle Hoodie– $34

Bala Bands– $55

Stasher Bag Set– $60+

Align Lulu Leggings – $70+

12 Colored Wine Glasses– $70

Towel / Blanket Warmer– $125

Our Place Always Pan- $145

Cordless vacuum– $150

Hokahs– $183


Koozie with their dogs face on it. – $6

Elevated Hoodie– $25

Beer Chilling Sticks- $25

Shackets– $30

Sports Tall Socks- $31

Bombas Slippers– $45

Divot Daddy Gold Swin Pad- $35-$50

On Clouds– $100+

Solo Stove Fire Pit– $120+

Travel Watch Holder- $129

Mini Dash Cam– $130

Phillip Hue Smart Light Kit– $170+

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Gifts for Millennials