Gifts Grown Men Will Actually Use

Men can be so difficult to shop for- but I refuse to settle on gifting them their 2384797th wallet, beard butter/balm, or whiskey. Im trying to think outside of the box… This list is ever growing, so next time you click this blog, a few more gift ideas could have been added. This list IS based on actual guys I know in real life- so hopefully this list will help you, too. Here we go:

Pickle Ball Set– $42-$84. Pickleball is the outdoor game of the year, I swear.

Tiny Dash Cam– $129

Custom Sneakers– $Various (Vans, Nike, and many other shoe companies will let you customize)

Pizza Oven– $250. Name 1 guy that isnt obsessed with pizza, Ill wait.

SpikeBall Set– $50-70.

Philips Hue Smart Light Kit- $150. * HUB required, but not included in kit.

New Crew Backpack – $98

NICE Fleece Hoodie -$43. You know, the kind that actually looks nice with jeans, khakis, or to stay home. Truly, an elevated basic.

Military Grade Humidor– $230 (this is a Luxury box used for holding cigars.)

Solo Stove Campfire– $65-$130

Gifts Grown Men Actually Want (according to the comments on my TikTok videos)

Lego Sets $43

“Fresh” hat $13

Sword $$$$

Tools $-$$$

Leather Goods, but specifically a Leather belt. $25

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Gifts Grown Men Will Actually Use