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Gifts Based on Their Love Language

Learning to appreciate someones love language can go a long way in showing you care. Here are some gift ideas for the holiday season I recommend based on your loved ones love language. Let’s unwrap it!

*Please note that the below may contain affiliate links. You wont pay a cent more, but I may earn off of qualifying purchases.

Words Of Affirmation:

A person with W.O.A as their love language values the words you tell them more than you think. Get them something with meaning- especially something that can encourage them… dont forget a thoughtful card though. They will keep it forever.

LWP- Words of Encouragement Bracelet -$25

Encouragement Rings- $30

Affirmations Print -$6

Personalized Notebook (and write a note to them on the first page) $30

Handwriting Bracelet -$25+

Engraveable Luxury Lipstick $40

Rent a billboard

Custom Crossword Prints $50

Personalized Pocket Square with Note- – $39

Embroidered arm cuff sweatshirt – $36

Experience Gift Ideas: Any activity that promotes encouragement… think zip lining, rock climbing, dancing, playing a game together, cooking, etc.

Physical Touch:

Some of these gifts encourage connecting physically, other represent physical touch. Either way, someone whose love language is physical touch, will definitely find these enduring.

Theragun– $199

Massage Oil Candle- $18

Weighted Blanket- $50

Matching Pajamas– Various

Fingerprint Ring- gold – $38

Fingerprint Ring- Silver- $23

Sleeping Hug Pod- $73

Osea Body Oil – $48

Long Distance Hug – $8

Experience Gift Ideas: couple dance Lessons, couples massage, spa weekend, mud bath, night in a nice hotel, yoga class, twister, etc.

Acts Of Service:

Think about your loved ones day to day life and how you can make it easier… or do a project/ service that they have been meaning to do for a while.

Breakfast In Bed tray – $25 (to bring them breakfast in bed)
Foodie Dice
– $25 ( for them to use any time you offer to cook dinner/ pick up food)

Espresso Maker – $139 (to make them their favorite drinks)

SERVD cards– $20 (for when they need a favor)

Clean their car and then gift them a car fresher + organizer

Cleaning Service- You could hire a team to come clean your home or you could clean it yourself.

An appliance that would make their day-to-day easier.

Quality Time:

Think about the ways you enjoy spending time together and get them a gift and a date. Use the gift on the date and they will remember this forever.

Picnic basket – $159

Travel Suitcase– $300

Hiking Boots- $75

Personalized Beach Towels– $30

Indoor Fort– $89

Home Theatre Projector + Screen – $100

Lets Get Deep Card Game– $20

Games– $12+

Experience gift ideas: Search your town on Airbnb and click “experiences” there are SO many suggestions here. If your town isn’t a larger city with recommendations, create opportunities to spend time together by planning special dates.


If gifts is their love language – don’t freak out. They love to know you’ve been paying attention to their interests. You can pick the perfect gift by getting them something that helps with their hobbies/ passions, upgrades a current item of theirs, is personalized, or if you notice they are in need of them.

Upgrade their coffee station: $209

Help them get cozy– $119

Personalized Crewneck– $35

Gift them THIS personalized set if they love to travel– $92

Personalized Jewelry Case– $45

Gifts Based on Their Love Language

Let's Unwrap It!