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DIY Easter Treat Bag Gift

I love Easter time and easter crafts. If you want to put together a super cute DIY gift for your teachers, neighbors, hostesses, etc- i have the perfect craft for you- and the best part? It takes MAYBE 10 minutes. I will detail the steps and supplies below.

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Supplies Needed:

  1. Brown or White paper bag
  2. Double sided poster tape
  3. Cotton balls or PomPoms
  4. Candy to fill the treat bag (Contains nuts*)
  5. Cute festive bow.


  1. Fold paper bag in half

2. Cut a tear shape out of the top third of th bag, leaving enough room on the bottom for the treats. You make this shape by cutting from the side with the fold, cutting a straight line, and then a giant curve that comes to a tip at th top.

3. It should look like this when you open the bag.

4. fill with desired candy

5 A. On the back of the bag, add a small square of the double sided poster tape.

5 B.

6. Secure the cotton ball to the tap

7. Tie a bow under the ears, then fluff the ears to look like a bunny rabbit.

8. Completed Bag!

To make this extra personalized, get creative and personalize your bag by adding names or decorative elements like paint, fun ribbon, or stickers. Once complete, your DIY Easter Bunny treat bags are ready to be enjoyed or gifted to friends, family, or little ones!

There you have it – a quick and easy DIY Easter treat bag that’s as adorable as it is delicious! With just seven simple steps and 10 minutes of your time, you can create a festive and fun addition to your Easter festivities. Happy crafting and Happy Easter!

DIY Easter Treat Bag Gift

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