Disclaimer* Please note that the following gift guide contains affiliate links. You wont pay a cent more, but I may earn on qualifying purchases. Thank you!

2023 Gifts for Him

Men, Husbands, boyfriends and partners can be so difficult to shop for- but I refuse to settle on gifting them their 2384797th wallet, beard butter/balm, or whiskey. Im trying to think outside of the box… This list is ever growing, so next time you click this blog, a few more gift ideas could have been added. This list IS based on actual guys I know in real life- so hopefully this list will help you, too. Let’s Unwrap It:

*Please note that this list contains affiliate links. You wont pay a cent more, but I may earn on qualifying purchases. thank you!

Gifts for The No Hobby Chill Guy:

Full arcade Game $179

Night Soccer Ball $25

Self Watering Garden $99

Charcol Body Bar $16

Bluetooth Speaker $40

Scotch Infused toothpicks $62

Portable Lounging Camp Chair $107

Carhartt Relaxed Fit Detroit Blanket Jacket– $88+

Philips Hue Smart Light Kit- $150. * HUB required, but not included in kit.

Practical Gifts for a Regular Joe:

Plasma Lighter– $15

Waterproof Fire Starting Kit – $79

Virtually Indestructible Flashlight $18

Carhart Beanie– $19

Portable Grill and BBQ – $695

Brass Keyring– $15

Collapsible Cup- $15
Custom Bottle Opener– $14

Face Koozie– $6

Beer Chilling Sticks– $15

Gifts for handy men

Field Notes 3 Pack– $11

Milwaukee Jobsite Cooler Lunchbox– $74

Loggers Lip Balm– $7

Screw Holding Magnetic Wrist Band– $24

Steering wheel desk- $10

Yeti Rambler Mug– $35

Phone Capable Leather Work Gloves– $12

Magnetic Bottle Hanger– $30

M12 Batteries- $31

Thermal Lined Jeans- $40

Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlight– $50

Men’s Plaid Sherpa Lined Shacket– $29

Built a Bottle lamp kit– $35+

Gifts for the suburb Dad-type

CastIron Pan- $37 + Steak Cook Book– $24

Golf-lovers whiskey set– $45

Put His Face On a Movie Poster– $50+

Mens Skincare Kit– $72

Carhartt Relaxed Fit Detroit Blanket Jacket– $88+

Tiny Dash Cam– $129

Custom Sneakers– $Various (Vans, Nike, and many other shoe companies will let you customize)

Pizza Oven– $250. Name 1 guy that isnt obsessed with pizza, Ill wait.

SpikeBall Set– $50-70.

New Crew Backpack – $98

NICE Fleece Hoodie -$43. You know, the kind that actually looks nice with jeans, khakis, or to stay home. Truly, an elevated basic.

Gifts for the Guy you dont know what to get:

Solo Stove Campfire– $65-$130

Ember Temperature Control Travel Mug– $189

Lego Sets $43

“Fresh” hat $13

Lego Storage Box– $34

Bombas Sports Socks- $54

7 In Shorts– $26

Personalized Watch Holder– $129

2023 Gifts for Him

Let's Unwrap It!