Gifts for Blue Collar Men

Having a hard time finding practical gifts for your blue collared loved one? I think ive got just the thing! Lets Unwrap it!

*Please note that the following list contains affiliate links. You wont pay a cent more, but I may earn off of qualifying purchases. Thank you!

Milwaukee Jobsite Cooler Lunchbox– $74

Loggers Lip Balm– $7

Screw Holding Magnetic Wrist Band– $24

Steering wheel desk- $10

Yeti Rambler Mug– $35

Phone Capable Leather Work Gloves– $12

Magnetic Bottle Hanger– $30

M12 Batteries- $31

Thermal Lined Jeans- $40

Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlight– $50

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Gifts for Blue Collar Men