Gifts for Women That Have Everything

We love-em but my goodness they are so hard to shop for. The key here is to layer gifts! instead of picking one big gift, iI like to opt to put together gift “baskets” that help them solve a problem they have or indulge in one of their favorite activities. Here are some of my favorite ideas: Lets Unwrap It!

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Special Place Gift for the sentimental One

Step 1: figure out where your giftee’s favorite places are. It could be the childhood home they grew up in, their favorite vacation spot, or even somewhere they havent been able to stop talking about

Step 2: find a photo of it online or see if one of their family members has a photo of the place of reference

Step 3: Find a watercolor painter. I like Maizie Clarke.

Step 4: Have the painter paint that place. ( you could stop here and frame it and gift it)

Step 5: Have the painter put the watercolor painting printed on a dish, planter, or ornament.

Step 6: add a bow!

Kindle Gift for the reader:

step 1: get them a Kindle if they dont already have one.

Step 2: Step two purchase and download a few books you think they would like.

Step 3: Customize a special kindle case for them to keep the kindle in. THIS is my favorite one.

Step 4: Write a card and tell them why you chose those books and add a bow!

Gift for the Farmers Market attendee:

Step 1: Find a cute market bag. I like this one.

Step 2: Find some oil and vinegar decanters for them to store their local oils in and put it in the bag

Step 3: You could also gift them a specialty Oil. I like this one and this one.

Step 4: Get them specialty flower seeds. I recommend seeds based off their birth month (like this set here) and put them in the bag.

Step 5: add a bow!

Gifts for the Accessorizer

Step 1: pick out a jewelry box and personalize it or a Personalized travel jewelry organizer.

Step 2: pick our jewelry in your budget. I love finding higher end jewelry HERE and HERE and nice but budget friendly Jewelry HERE and HERE. I suggest picking a mix of jewelry, i suggest 1 necklace, one bracelet, and 2 rings. But use your own budget as your perimeters.

Step 3. Put the jewelry in the carrier, add a note as to why you picked those pieces.

Step 4: wrap it, add a bow, cal it a gift!

Gifts for Parents + Grandparents

Gifts for Women That Have Everything