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Chill Anniversary Gifts for Your Significant Other

Anniversary gifts can feel like a LOT of pressure. How are you supposed to encapsulate an entire season of life together in ONE gift? Here is the thing, the only message your gift needs to send is that you enjoy their company. The perfect gift might be much simpler than you think!

Gifts That Commemorate An Entire Year:

Modern Everyday Photo Album- $62

Retroviewer– $30 (and you can add a new reel every year)

Custom Vinyl- $50-$100 (add all the songs that make you think of your S/O)

Book a Mini Photo Shoot – $Various

Custom Map – $39 (map of the location you first met, first date, proposal, wedding, fave trip, etc)

Custom Calendar– $16

Chill Anniversary Gifts for Your Significant Other

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