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Birthday Gift Ideas | 2022

Happy Birthday to whoever you’re celebrating! Below are my 2022 gift round ups and picks organized by the month. Please note that I may earn commission on some, but not all, links below. Please see my disclosure tab above for more details.


January :

The perfect gift idea for someone that strives for cozy vibes, having fun, and looking to take a break! These gifts reflect that:


We love our February friends that are strong, independent, (always late), but always smell good and a heart of gold! These gifts reflect that: 

Amethyst Ring– $100

Candles That Smell Like their Favorite Character/ Celebrity– $18

Unisex Parfum/ Cologne in the scent “Book” – $125

Sherpa Lined Hoodie – $30

Inspiring Phrase Bracelet – $25


Our sweet loved ones that you might not think are sensitive but they are (at lease a little). They have a soft spot for mid-day coffee, and enjoy community. These gifts reflect that:

Nespresso Machine – $190+

Deck of Affirmations -$18

Aquamarine Necklace – $100

Cloud Fuzzy Socks– $13

Bookshelf Boardgames– $37

Moody Diffuser – $60-$75


People with April birthdays are the type of people who go to thier bday party and bring all the guests a gift, hand written card, and DD the rest of the night. These gifts reflect that: 

Lets Get Deep Game– $20 

Birthstone Necklace – $120

REPLICA Lazy Sunday Perfume– $76

Treat Yourself With kindness Wall Art – $13

Allbirds– $105


Now, I dont know too many people with a May birthday- but the ones that I do know are consistent, they remember the little things, and they would 100% go to bat for me if i needed it. If this sounds like the person your shopping for, these gifts will reflect that: 

Heart Shaped Live House Plant – $30

Emerald Birthstone Earrings– $42

Sweet Earthy Candles- $12

Colored Glassware- $95+

Long Weekend Bag– $200+



If you were born in June, you are likely the mom/dad or parental figure of the friend group… these gifts reflect that:

Famous Volcano Room Spray – $28

Customized PlannerVaries 

Pearl Drop Earrings– $78

Lulu Lemon Backpack– $98

Best Mom Ever Mug – $20


We all know someone born in July that is always outside, in their feels, or complaining that they are cold… 

Ruby earrings from Mejuri – $148

Lavender Milk + honest bath soak from Milk + Honey – $28

The Feels Wheel –  $30

Ugg house slippers– $100

Stanley cup– $40

Putting green with automatic return – $59

Birthday Gift Ideas | 2022

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