Gift Ideas Based On Love Language


Quality Time:

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 9.25.50 PM.png

Physical Touch:

Finger Print Ring- $40-$50. The sweetest way to let them know that you care . I especially love this if their love language is touch. Your touch will always be with them.

Fingerprint Ring

Masculine Fingerprint Necklace


Words of Affirmation

For this idea, you want to gift them something meaningful, thoughtful and is full of love. Your words carry weight to them. I recommend getting a chic, fun, or funky mirror like the ones linked below, then think of a phrase, saying, or quote that carries meaning or encouragement to the receiver of the gift… purchase a mirror decal (linked below) and voilá… you have yourself a perfect gift!

Funky Mirror

Chic Mirror

Customizable Affirmations Mirror Decal

Custom Mirror “Reminders” Decal

Spotify code decal

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Gift Ideas Based On Love Language